Newsletter #12 Hull City Supporters’ Trust – fans deserve better from owners.


A View Across The City – HCST Newsletter #12

Here is the weekly update of the Trust’s activity and stories on our website.

“Proud of our loyal supporters” – Assem Allam

“Proud of our relationship with the club’s fans” – Ehab Allam

Well, there are two statements you didn’t see in this year’s campaign to sell season passes for the Club Whose Name They Will Not Speak.

So, here’s the situation.

The club raises its season pass prices yet again, with no explanation as to why such a rise is needed following last year’s huge increase.

It makes reference to the prices being “intended for Barclays Premier League football” but doesn’t say what will happen if we get relegated.  (We do know that the wage bill will be cut, so you might anticipate a refund – but will the club give one?  Will you get vouchers for merchandise you may or may not want, or nothing at all?)

The FA Council will make a decision on the name-change application, it is believed, at its July meeting.

The club has set a deadline for people to apply for discounted season passes.  That deadline is “before 23rd May 2015”.

And here’s the rub.  We won’t know in which division we’ll be in next season until the last match of this season, on 24th May.  We won’t know what the club’s called until July.  If you wait for these answers under the current arrangements, you pay more to the club for your season pass.

Any reasonable, remotely customer-friendly business would either tell its most loyal customers what the score is, or extend the discount period until they know what the club’s name is and people can make informed decisions.  This week HCST released another press statement asking Hull City to take one of these courses of action.

These are ridiculously easy steps to take.  Simple ways for the owners to start to say: yes, we do value you; no, you’re not irrelevant; no, we don’t see you just as cash cows to be milked.

At Trust Towers, we’re not holding our collective breath.  But for once we’d like to be wrong and see the club do the decent thing.


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