Green Party to launch its manifesto for the common good.

Green Party to launch manifesto on Tuesday, April 14th 2015, London

Speaking from Hull North constituency, Martin Deane, chair of Hull and East Riding Green Party, said,

“As the Green Party launches its 2015 manifesto, we want to say, in no uncertain terms, that the Green Party stands for an end to poverty in Britain, an end to privatisation of the NHS, and an end to the punishing regime of Bedroom Taxes, disability testing and benefit sanctions.”

The Green Party Manifesto, ‘For the Common Good’, will be unveiled by Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, and Green MP Caroline Lucas, in London tomorrow.

Martin Deane continued,

“”For the Common Good” spells out how the Green Party plans to end austerity and restore the public sector. Greens plan to create over a million worthwhile jobs paying at least a Living Wage.

“Greens say NO to creeping privatisation and the underfunding of the NHS and NO to Britain’s continuing shame of tax avoidance and foodbanks.

“Greens say YES to public services, YES to high standards of health and social care, and YES to a public programme of renewable energy generation.”

The Green Party is standing in 100% of constituencies in Hull and the East Riding, and has a full slate across Hull for the local elections. In England and Wales as a whole, Greens are standing in 90% of constituencies.

The Green Party is 4.5 times the size it was in early 2014 and continues to surge. At almost 60,000 strong, the Green Party is the third biggest party in England.

More people will be able to vote Green than ever before.

Martin Deane, 07935 036211

Chair, Hull and East Riding

Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Hull North


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