Professionalism and difficult decisions: the boycott of assessment

The world of difficult decisions and how University management perceive ours to be inferior to theirs @leedsucu

University of Leeds UCU - Blog

As we are about to embark on an indefinite period of Action Short of a Strike, involving a boycott of assessment, we need to ready ourselves for some unjust criticism that is parked and ready to be mobilised against us.

There will also be some reasonable and challenging questions, not least from our students, and we have an obligation to address these openly and professionally. But in this blog posting, we want to address the issue of such dignified professionalism, because one of the easiest and cheapest, unthinking assaults on our boycott will be the accusation that it conflicts with our professionalism. Let’s address that from the outset.

As Academic and Academic-Related staff, we are the ones who develop close professional relationships with our students. We introduce them to a scholarly community, we support them, we foster their development, we facilitate their learning and give them platforms to discover who…

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