Open letter to the FA. Hull City proposed name change.

I would like to formally object to the proposed name change of Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers.

As a season ticket holder since approximately 1998 and someone who has gone to their games since 1969 I think I am one of the stakeholders who should have a say in this.

The name change is purported by Dr Allam to be based on evidenced marketing reasons that changing the name will bring in increased revenue as Asian people will want to buy our shirts but only if it says Hull Tigers on them.  I hear the reverse may already be the case as local businesses are already refusing to take up sponsorship options due to the changes already made.  But noone has yet seen the market research so I can only conclude that the change is because of a personal feud with Hull City Council over an attempted purchase of the KC stadium freehold (something the Council since offered him for free) the result of which being that Dr Allam no longer wants the word City associated with the club. Witness the attached photograph taken by me outside the groynd last weekend where the club badge has been pixilated to make it unreadable and indicates the almost Stalinist lengths the club under the ownership of Dr Allam is taking to obliterate our name. Steve Jorden as stadium announcer appears also to have had the word City removed from his vocabulary when he holds a microphone on match days. The club’s Facebook page even announnced that Hull was the Centre of Culture.  Whether such behaviour is professional or rational is open to question perhaps.

The proposed name change therefore is not for footballing reasons and I hope the FA will reject it.

As an active member of CTWD campaign and also a member of the FSF I share their view that certain aspects of a football club are sacrosanct and only changeable with the majority agreement of the fans. I also understand that the FA share this view too under rule 3L.

I hope common sense prevails and we will keep our club’s original playing name.




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