Joint statement from University of Hull TUs.

University of Hull Trade Unions have jointly released this ahead of the strike next Thursday.

All three Trades Unions in the Higher Education Sector are taking joint national strike action on 31 October 2013 in support of a fair and equitable pay increase!

For the first time, all three Trades Unions in the Higher Education Sector (UCU, UNISON and Unite) are taking joint national industrial action in support of our claim for a fair and equitable pay rise. For the past four years we have had to endure annual rises of less than 1%, effectively a 13% cut in real terms when compared to increases in the cost of living.

The 1% currently being offered is about £2 a week for the lowest paid workers, at a time when energy costs alone have just risen by 10% and overall annual inflation is over 3%.This prolonged squeeze in salaries for University staff comes at a time when Vice Chancellors and senior managers have seen pay increases in recent years of up to 30%. A recent survey in the Times Higher Education has shown that the average remuneration package for Vice Chancellors is now around £250,000 [1] and another survey carried out by the Green Party shows that the ratio between the highest and lowest paid employees is now 19 to 1, an increase from 15 to 1 in 2010 [2].

This unprecedented joint national action by all three Trades Unions is intended to put pressure on the Universities to increase their offer to match inflation and restore some of our lost earnings.

Locally, all three Trades Unions at the University of Hull will be taking joint strike action on 31 October and will be picketing entrances to the University at both the Hull and Scarborough campuses from 7am onwards.

The University of Hull published accounts show that over the four years from 2009 to 2012 the total operating surplus was £50 million and net reserves at 31 July 2012 were £110 million. [3] The three Campus Trade Unions are writing to the Vice Chancellor and members of the executive asking them to support the claim for a rise that keeps pace with inflation and to make their views known to UCEA, the national pay negotiating body.

“The University’s Strategic plan urges staff to ‘Go Beyond’, but the persistent reduction in our standard of living is having a detrimental effect on staff morale, “said Mike Horne, of Unite.

We invite the Press and Media to visit the picket lines to get the views of our members.

Joint Press Release on behalf of UCU, Unite and UNISON at the University of Hull.

Note to Editors.

References in text:

[1] Times Higher Education salary survey online at:

[2] Young Greens (Green Party) salary comparison online at:

[3]  University of Hull annual accounts online at:


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