Eton pupils funded by tax havens

ETON ONLY REINFORCES CLASS PRIVILEGE Letters The Guardian 15th November 2012.

There is a question which has been gnawing away at me for some time. It gnawed deeply when I read your piece (Why Eton still runs Britain, G2, 14 November). How many of our leading establishment figures owe their expensive education to parents who paid their Eton fees of over £30,000 a year from money parked in overseas tax-free accounts? I ask because the British who do pay tax are struggling to pay painfully inadequate benefits to their very poorest fellow citizens.

It seems irrational to tax those benefits, but “everyone must pay” is the mantra echoing around city halls in England and Wales. Benefits which we taxpayers have provided in the interests of justice, good health and the relief of poverty are now to be taxed by many local authorities, despite inevitable consequential debt and misery. I hope our new Etonian archbishop will note the comments of archbishop Oscar Romero in 1978: “When the church hears the cry of the oppressed it cannot but denounce the social structures that give rise to and perpetuate the misery from which the cry arises.”

Rev Paul Nicolson Taxpayers Against Poverty


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