Hull council elections 2012

Hull Green Party announces candidates

Martin Deane, Green Party candidate for Avenue ward in Hull say,

“We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the 2012 local elections:

* Martin Deane, Avenue ward * James Russell, Newland ward * Mike Lammiman, Bricknell ward.

“Also on this day we welcome the following message from Salma Yaqoob and the Respect Party in Birmingham”:

In these local elections (Birmingham), I believe that the Green Party is the best choice for those looking for a radical voice in Birmingham. The Green Party has been consistent in its opposition to the breakup of the NHS, have championed the call to create new sustainable jobs with a living wage, and campaign to protect our valuable green spaces. The election of Green councillors would help to shake up the council chamber, and is just the sort of fresh voice that the city needs.

In the local elections this year, I hope our supporters will go Green!

——————————————————————————Martin Deane

Green Party candidate, Avenues, Hull 01482 471467 07812 838701


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