Why we should strike in #N30: attempted strike breaking by university managers and changing face of university provision; the creation of a class war; join the 99%.


University senior managers will try to tell us that the dispute is not with them. That the pension scheme is determined by some national entity they have no control over. This is nonsense. It  equates to them detatching from the body they subscribe to. It is a panic measure to make members doubt the strike. It is saying that our dispute is illegal. If they thought members would not support the strike, they would have no need to say this.

We are therefore solid and the strike will be supported by the membership.

Our dispute is with every university, because they want the pension money to pay for the inflated wages of VCs and to buy in REFable research high fliers that they believe will raise the profile of their university. That is until these mercenaries take their research teams to the next higher bidder.

The government has turned education into a market place where students try to buy their way into jobs – inevitably in the private sector. The public sector and the education sector are prime targets for this government, because the public sector is organised and unionised. The government’s strategy is clear. It is a Thatcherite plan to create class war: the private vs public sectors; the bankers against the poor; the corporations against the shop keepers. The aim of division also to prevent collectivised workers and cooperation.

The population is turned into the haves and have nots, where unemployment and weakened private sector pensions are used to produce a divided communities: the equality of immiseration.
Culture and the humanities give way to for-profit (of the 1%) enterprises, where corporations and the rich swallow up everything, but pay no taxes. Only the poor are left to pay taxes, while those that can afford it, buy tax avoidance and evasion.

Join the 99% on #N30. Strike. Picket. Attend the TUC rallies.


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