What sort of society do we want?

Joe Giddins, Unison regional official based in Hull, writes on his Facebook page (part 1) : What sort of Society Do We Want?  Cameron’s cure for the ‘sick society’ is more oppressive powers for the police and more cuts. How different is his reaction to that of the Prime minister of Norway, in his response to the horror of the labour youth massacre, he called for a widening of the democratic process? This is a far cry from our PM.  No trade unionist can support the violence and vandalism of the last few days, but we have to look at why a section of people behaved in the way they did. It is true that many were just criminal gang members but the vast majority simply were not and it is typical of this reactionary Tory led Coalition to pretend its just bad people doing bad things and needing a tough response. When Cameron realised that no Senior British Police Officer agreed with him he looked to the US for a familiar right-wing face to help. He is a joke! unfortunately not a very funny one!  The riots that have spread across the country need to be understood against the backdrop of racism, increasing poverty, inequality and restricted access to education. There is an air of abject hopelessness in many communities in this country. If Cameron had not axed all the youth workers and support officers this may have been identified and addressed properly. Instead those whose rage exploded last week are dragged before the courts and sentenced to long prison terms. Look out now for prison riots as we already have the fullest prisons in the western world, the highest proportion of our citizens behind bars and prison officers debating strike action because they have to manage this problem and face the same cuts we do.


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