Evidence of nationalism in Hull

The Cambridge Street flats were relatively recently renovated by Hull City Council and are situated adjacent to Anlaby Road in Hull, having been built in 1973. One floor from the top can be seen two flags. The flag of St George is clear to see, but the Union Flag furled upwards as I took this picture whilst returning from Paragon Station to Hull Royal Infirmary today.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the inhabitants and about why they would display these emblems, when it appears that they have gained so relatively little from this country and from their loyalty to these flags.

And why display both flags? It is unlikely the owners aware of the etiquette that states if one flag is to be flown, it must be the Union Flag, so I suspect it is more a nationalistic statement, and may be an indication that they are also supporters of the England football team. Could they also have sympathies with the English Defence League? I have no evidence for this – and maybe I am at fault here – but I can’t help be drawn to the conclusion. Being so close to the KC Stadium, with its past history of casuals’ violence at Hull City games, almost eradicated a few years ago by the then chairman Adam Pearson, the violence before and after home games is perhaps replaced by a resurgence of nationalism by football thugs, who, no doubt, find the BNP too much of soft, indirect, political club. Those aware of the fine work of the UAF locally will be know of recent EDL activity locally, particularly the threat to a mosque adjacent to Pearson Park, and a rally at Queen Victoria Square. Since any Hull City AFC fan these days who values their season pass – and for the EDL, their seat in the north-east corner of the East Stand at the KC Stadium – would rather not risk confiscation in
directly football related violence.


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